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Ruth’s Blog: Introducing the Blue Skies & Sunnies packing cubes

Being a frequent traveller, I've never found packing much fun, particularly for family holidays.

A good friend helped change all that and sowed the seeds of a new obsession: packing cubes. What a genius idea!

Packing cubes are separate pouches that can be used to split up clothes, making them easier to identify, be taken out of your suitcase and put straight into drawers upon arrival at your destination.

Since the launch of my website at the end of 2020, I’ve been looking for something appropriate to thank clients for their support.

A recent visit to Manchester presented the perfect opportunity to showcase the very first branded Blue Skies & Sunnies packing cubes...

They are coming shortly. And watch out for the launch of the Blue Skies & Sunnies - Packing Cube Wall of Fame to be added to my website soon.


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