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Happy – adjective /ˈhæpi/ Feeling, giving or showing pleasure


There aren’t many jobs nowadays that would make me feel ‘happy’! Fortunately, being a travel consultant is one of them and organising special celebrations for people induces that very pleasure.

I’ve organised:

  • Weddings in the Indian Ocean 

  • Renewal of vows in the Caribbean 

  • Birthday celebrations in the US

  • Bar mitzvahs in the Mediterranean 

  • And of course, conferences and stag/ hen trips in Europe

With over 30 years of travel industry experience, I have amassed an old school, very tattered but extremely full, little black book of contacts that also houses many golden nuggets of special and unusual destinations. 

Tell me what you want and let me do the work.​

Celebrations -  Beaches Turks & Caicos B

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