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Ruth’s Blog: Introducing Reuben’s Retreat – my Giving Back charity for 2024

In the spirit of giving back and making a positive impact, I initiated my 'Giving Back' campaign in 2016, committing to make a charitable donation for every passenger I booked during the calendar year.

Each year I nominate a charity to contribute to, and I am proud to have supported amongst others the likes of Great Ormond Street Hospital, Cancer Research, Shelter, Child Autism UK and last year iheart principles with their brilliant work proactively helping kids of school ages with their mental health.

With so many incredible and worthy causes, it is increasingly difficult to nominate just one charity, but after recently being introduced to their amazing work and with its connections to the travel industry, I will be working with Reuben’s Retreat in 2024.

Reuben’s Retreat is a small charity that was founded in August 2012, just two days after Reuben Graham died from an inoperable brain tumour, aged just 23 months.

His mum, Nicola, a former travel industry associate, created the charity - a legacy in her son’s name - to help families of child loss and families with children unlikely to reach adulthood.

The charity walks side-by-side with families offering emotional, social and practical support for parents and siblings bereaved of a child and for families with children living with medical complexities. To date, they have supported over 1,800 individuals who are facing uncertain futures and navigating tough times.

Their retreat in the north-west of England is a sanctuary, a place of comfort, peace and tranquillity where families can meet and make memories.

I shall be donating to them for every passenger booked in 2024 and would like to take this opportunity to thank my incredible clients for supporting my small business and in turn enabling me to support the incredible work these guys do.

You can find out more about Reuben’s Retreat at You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram; feel free to share their posts. Let's spread awareness together.

With heartfelt appreciation for your continued support, I look forward to another year of making a difference together.

Ruth x


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