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“We are having a wonderful holiday in Mauritius, thank you Ruth” - Shelley

Hi Ruth,

We are having a wonderful holiday in Mauritius.

The Zilwa Attitude Hotel has exceeded our expectations and should 💯 be on your recommendations of hotels. It’s not luxury - it’s very rustic and truly the most authentic experience of staying in Mauritius you will experience in a hotel. Don’t get me wrong - it’s absolutely lovely - it’s just not one of those luxury type of hotels.

The staff are delightful, and the food is outstanding. The only thing we would have changed is to perhaps break the two weeks up and stay at another hotel for the second week. But we are very happy here and loving island life!

The room is fantastic as the kids have their own bedroom that is a really good size and their own bathroom. It’s a fabulous complex - beautifully maintained - and the spa is gorgeous too.

The photo at the top is taken on a boat trip along the coast visiting beautiful mangroves and then to an island for a BBQ. And the one below is at the Holy Lake Temple on our south of the island tour.

Sending love and thanks



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