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Client Blog: Ritz & Arun’s honeymoon in Mexico

Ritz and Arun were kindly recommended to me by their relatives whose honeymoons I had booked. Making memories in Mexico was their honeymoon of choice with easy access to the Cancún nightlife...


Both my brothers-in-law had perfect honeymoon trips organised by Ruth and were eager to recommend her to help with ours.

Neither of us had been to Mexico and we were looking for an adult-only, all-inclusive solution in Cancún - somewhere not too near the infamous strip to enable us to enjoy the honeymoon vibe but close enough to go in and explore should we want to.

Although I had looked at a few options, Ruth suggested the Hyatt Zilara would tick many of our boxes for a 10-night stay shortly after our spring wedding, which sounded perfect.

We talked through the Mexican regulations and requirements and were reassured there were no issues.

Travelling itself was great, even pleasantly relaxing. We stayed with family in London the night before to be closer to Gatwick and used an airport lounge prior to the flight to be able to enjoy the full experience.

The airport was remarkably easy to get through with no long queues at all and the 10-hour direct flight with British Airways was equally pleasant.

Ruth had pre-booked a welcome private transfer and as soon as we pulled up, the staff were helping us out of the car and taking our luggage into the lobby.

Following them, we were greeted immediately and taken to the reception desk to sit down for easy check-in and an overview of the facilities and restaurant options.

The hotel felt big and impressively grand as we looked around whilst following the bellman taking our bags to the room. He showed us the amenities and we loved having a jacuzzi in the room plus a balcony with a hammock facing the sea and looking out over the pool.

Another room standout was the 'magic box', where ordered food could be left rather than us having to answer the door. It sounds simple but is a nice little touch.

The resort facilities were superb with several restaurants and activities. The food was great, although a few more vegetarian options would have been welcome. We felt very well looked after, with wonderful service from the hotel and entertainment staff, both of whom went above and beyond to get to know people personally.

There were way more pool activities than we had expected, which provided a great choice of things to do if we desired. We particularly enjoyed the pool party, and the hotel entertainment both day and night was incredible.

We only ventured for an exploration of the strip once and it was ok. The most enjoyable part was the obligatory visit to the famous nightclub Coco Bongo.

The time just flew, and it was soon time to return to normality. It was a memorable trip and somewhere that we would love to return to.

Ruth was great and we have already booked another holiday with her and have been delighted to pass her number onto friends too.


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